Thank you for checking out our new blog.  New content will be added on at least a weekly basis.  You can either check back regularly or you can click on the RSS button.  RSS stands for “Really Good Syndication” and serves as a means for you to “subscribe” using an RSS reader of your choice.

For a more in-depth description of RSS, go to What is RSS? web site.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows can serve as your RSS Reader.  For instructions, click here.

For those of you that want portability, the RSS feed can be your favorite website like Yahoo or Google.

And finally, you can use a separate program to gather your RSS feeds.  As a Macintosh user, I’ve used Mac Mail and currently use NetNewsReader.

Click here for a program listing.

Again, thank you for checking us out.  We hope that this site will be helpful and informative.

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