Changes Facing Higher Education

When considering the changes facing traditional higher education due to a shrinking demographic of the 18-22 year old student, rising costs, burgeoning student debt, and the increasing presence and success of online programs, we should consider reviewing the basic change concepts advanced by a few of the classic books like “My Iceberg is Melting, “Who Moved My Cheese,” and “Good to Great.”

In 1998, Peter Drucker predicted that higher education would become obsolete within twenty-five years, largely because technological advances would transfer learning to other places besides the classroom. He also theorized that learning would shift to professional education.

Earlier this year (2013) Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School professor tweeted, “In 15 years from now, half of US universities may be in bankruptcy.”

Being able to identify and respond to the rapid changes that are upon us and to understand the core aspects of our market are critical to not only sustainability, but to our success.

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