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Professional | Mark A. Staples

Professional Accomplishments

General Experiences and Accomplishments

  • Established digital workplace through innovative process engineering and effective use of contemporary technologies;
  • Established effective digital communications strategies and solutions through personalization;
  • Created data driven architecture;
  • Through organizational development methodologies, creates a culture of innovation and creativity not only in IT, but throughout the institution;
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction by reviewing organizational structure, processes, and communications strategies;
  • Improve institutional IT security profile, reducing risk while supporting academic needs;
  • Establish effective mobile IT profile — access to information and services any where, any time, on any device.
  • Established online, hybrid, and blended strategies and platforms;

Other Accomplishments

  • Infrastructure enhancements to ensure stability, accessibility, capacity, and security of network resources, systems, data, and communications modalities;
  • Identity Management solutions with improved overall customer satisfaction and improved security;
  • Effective use of teaching/learning IT tools to foster innovation and active learning;
  • Digital Communications Ecosystem;
  • Academic Ecosystem;
  • Marketing automation solutions;
  • Information security architecture and security awareness program
  • Enterprise Systems
    • Student Information Systems (Banner & PeopleSoft)
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (HR, finance, payroll, time & attendance, & recruiting)
    • Research Administration Systems;
    • Clinical research systems;
    • Clinical technologies for both clinical and teaching activities.
  • Data Analytics
    • Student recruitment – predictive modeling
    • Retention & early warning
    • learning analytics
    • Administrative and academic dashboards
    • Data warehouse implementation

Committees and Professional Community Involvement

• University of Toledo Alumni Association Board of Trustees member (2013-2015)
• Chair Instrutional Technology Group at Northeastern (2009-Current)
• Member IS Academic Advisory Committee (2009-Current)
• Member of the Blackboard Mobile Strategies Committee (Current);
• Member Boston Chapter of the Society for Information Management (SIM) (Current)
• Chair Education Roundtable for Boston SIM
• Member of Educause Policy and Law Sub-Committee (2004-2007)
• Member of the Southern Light Rail (SLR) committee (2004-2008)
• Member of planning team of AAMC GIR conference (2008)
• Chair, Apple Support Advisory Council (Midwest Region) representing Indiana Univesity
o Apple Computer, Inc. (1990-1992). The committee was comprised of 6 major universities, 2 major corporate customers, and 2 major K-12 customers
• Member Audio Engineering Society (AES) (Current)

College of Charleston

• Established Project Management Office
• Completed Voice-Over-IP initiative and decommissioning of legacy phone system
• Implemented web conferencing
• Established 4-year refresh for network and classroom equipment
• Implemented authorized guest access for wireless to improve security
• Implemented centralized scholars management system
Current Projects
Coming Soon

Wentworth Institute of Technology

• Established Project Management Office
• Established Information Security Office
• Completed Unified Messaging initiative and decommissioning of legacy phone system
• Established disaster recovery and business continuity offsite solution
• Implemented lecture capture and active learning system
• Implemented classroom response system
• Implemented web conferencing
• Implemented data digitization operation for enrollment management, registrar, and finance
• Implemented electronic student transcript request system
• Migrated and upgraded CRM for Institutional Advancement/Alumni Relations
• Upgraded Performance Management and Recruting tool
• Implemented video storage and delivery system
• Implemented online training systems
• Implemented web digital asset management system
• Implemented institutional room and resource scheduling system
• Established 4-year refresh for network and classroom equipment
• Implemented authorized guest access for wireless to improve security
• Implemented Financial Aid system
• Implemented Contact and Recording system for Public Safety
• Implemented mobile access to tools for Public Safety
• Designed and implemented system to capture student emergency contact and local address information each semester
• Expanded Media Services and Video Production operation
• Established video streaming operation for institutional events
• Implemented federated ID management system

Current Projects
• Sponsor and champion for the following:
o Student Retention system (fall 2014)
o Faculty Advising (fall 2014)
o Business Intelligence and Analytics solution (summer 2014)
o Student Recuitment system (fall 2014)
• Redesign of institutions web environment (fall 2014)
• Digital communications improvements and enhancements (fall 2014)
• Centralized institutional calendar (fall 2014)
• Implement new student portal (fall 2014)
• Board of Trustees online and mobile solution (fall 2014)
• Migrate MS Exchange to Faculty/staff Office 365 (spring 2015)
• Implement federated wireless network for multi-institution access (summer 2014)
• Implement updated ID card access system (fall 2014)
• Collaboration and Crowd Sourcing solutions (fall 2015)
• Update ID Management system to include federation of external accounts (fall 2015)

Northeastern University

• Led Digital Media Commons initiative—integrating library, instructional design, and IT resources
• Led the institutional mobile technology initiative
• Led the Coeus Research Administration Tool implementation for grant proposal development and award management;
• Led the digital content distribution project;
• Led the online/electronic, in-class, testing initiative;
• Led chemical inventory implementation operation;
• Led implementation of university wide lecture capture solution
• Led the use of tablet technologies (e.g. iPad) in the Colleges of Business & Health Sciences
• Led implementation of university wide web conferencing solution
• Led the effort for improving technology for teaching and learning outcomes;
• Led Learning Management System expansion;
• Led the implementation of an Academic Portal to improve support instructional and research communities;
• Partnered with Marketing and Communications on an institutional plan for improving communications;
• Co-Led the Communications Project to improving communications to our customers;
• Co-led research reporting initiative;

• Built a technical foundation for proper/efficient classroom technology launch and driving technology improvements to allow faculty to create electronic learning tools.
• Created strategic partnerships with university libraries, united disparate IT units throughout campus and forged collaboration with other institutions;
• Led Blackboard 9.1 upgrade and enhancements;
• Led the implementation of MEDITECH, electronic medical record, for the College of Health Sciences so that students can experience an EMR in the classroom and labs;
• Responsible for negotiations, licensing, and procurement of all software;
• Lead technology consultant for all non-enterprise inititiatives for the campus;
• Provided leadership and support to online programs for the College of Business and Bouvé College of Health Sciences

Georgia Health Sciences University

Research & Instructional Technology Support

  • Established a customer-focused support strategy to build a strong research and instruction infrastructure of computing resources and services. This would include being a faculty and student advocate back to the division;
  • Negotiated Service Level Agreements where appropriate internally, and contracts with internal and external agencies and vendors;
  • Developed and implemented a marketing plan to increase visibility of the services offered;
  • Lead the strategic planning efforts for technology support for teaching, learning, and research by developing short- and long-term plans aligned with the mission and priorities of the university;
  • Established key partnership with the university libraries;
  • Led the effort to implement a Cancer Research tool – Oncore;
  • Laid the foundation for mobile technology adoption;
  • Established and chaired Instructional Advisory Committees – comprising of faculty leadership – for each college;
  • Established the process for efficient review of institutional software and hardware purchases;
  • Designed data warehouse and transactional system integration to support research;
  • Led the effort to implement a virtual microscopy system – Aperio;
  • Technical advisor for Tissue Bank – Tissue Metrix;
  • Led the effort to deploy digital signage throughout campus;
  • Led the evaluation and selection of a practice plan system for Nursing and Allied Health;
  • Led the effort to build a comprehensive collaboration environment (Wiki, Blog, Forum);
  • Led the evaluation and selection of a new lecture capture system;
  • Led the effort to establish electronic content delivery – streaming/podcasting;
  • Led the effort for evaluating, selection, and implementation of a web conferencing system;
  • Led the effort to establish and implement an electronic training and orientation system for the entire campus.
  • Participated in the selection and implementation of a knowledge management software – Collexis;
  • Led the effort in identifying e-lab notebooks for investigators;
  • Technical lead of the CTSA Grant submission with University of South Carolina, Medical University of South Carolina, and MCG;
  • Participated in the Clinical Translational Science Award planning committee and assisted in writing the bioinformatics section of the grant application.

Chief Information Security Officer

  • Established and chaired Computer Incident Advisory Council of senior university executives to handle response and communications for technology incidents;
  • Developed institutional policies and procedures concerning system security and user operations to ensure system and data integrity and adheres to institutional information system standards;
  • Led the efforts for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity;
  • Performed IT risk assessments;
  • Established a successful security awareness program with faculty, staff, and students;
  • Provided security consultation as a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB);
  • Provided leadership and developed policy for document retention and archival;
  • Co-designed all HIPAA compliance related training;

Medical University of Ohio (now University Toledo Health Sciences)

  • Established IT strategies and standards;
  • Improved system up-time, client satisfaction, response time, productivity and performance;
  • Led an effort to share IT resources (i.e. Data Centers) between R1 research institutions for DR/BC;
  • Increased productivity and performance, streamlined support, reduced overall costs and improved security;
  • Led 3-year, “technology refresh” initiative; saved $235K+ by leveraging volume purchase and lease option;
  • Implemented 1st inventory tracking program for 6K+ IT devices, significantly reducing equipment costs;
  • Eliminated daily system interruptions for 24×7 operation; increased uptime to 98%+.
  • Improved customer satisfaction rating from 80% to 92% by expanding support, operations and training;
  • Designed and implemented integrated network monitoring system to automatically detect and resolve IT issues;
  • Centralized technology acquisition process, reducing costs and standardizing equipment, platforms and applications;
  • Co-coordinator for comprehensive disaster recovery plan implementation;
  • Led project to implement a GRID computing environment for biomedical research;
  • Introduced state-of-the-art wireless environment for key departments; accelerated information sharing and enhanced organization’s ability to recruit and retain top talent.

Indiana University

  • Key role in positioning organization as one of premier institutions in US for leading-edge technology initiatives.
  • Consultant to executive management on IT programs to reduce costs and improve processes; provided technical support and training to faculty and staff.
  • Supported and maintained Novell NetWare servers.
  • Chaired committee to research feasibility of joint initiative between the university libraries and Indiana University information systems to create center for humanities computing (Library Electronic Text Resource Service).
  • Lead technical advisor for executive systems upgrade project; defined needs, deployed equipment and trained users.


  • Online University: Building Viable Learning Experiences for Higher Education
    • Contributing author
  • Making Room for Yes: It Starts at the Top
    • ECAR (Educause Center for Advanced Research) ‑Research Bulletin
  • Web Communications and Social Media – 2012
  • Online Learning Effectiveness – 2012
  • Progressive Teaching – 2012
  • Budgeting Technology: Maximizing ROI and TCO – 2012
  • IT Leadership in Higher Education – 2012
  • Digital Media Commons — Library and IT Coming Together – 2011
  • Organizational Change and Culture – 2011
  • Social Media, Knowledge Management, and Communities of Practice – 2011
  • The Digital Revolution: Implications for Teaching, Learning, and Human Development – 2011

Professional Competencies

  • Applies design thinking (i.e. human experience and personalization) to all technology implementations;
  • Data analytics and business intelligence;
  • Partner & collaborative leader—responds resourcefully to new demands and challenges;
  • Encourages and values diversity in the organization’s talent base;
  • Creates a climate where everyone stretches beyond what they thought they could do;
  • Understands the balance between security and access in higher education;
  • Relates to faculty needs around pedagogy/andragogy and the challenges in designing programs to fit contemporary practices and learning outcomes.
  • Recognizes and responds to the needs and concerns of others; adjusts interpersonal style to better relate to others;
  • Active learnerrealistically appraises my strengths and weaknesses; capitalizes on strengths and off-sets weaknesses.
  • Project and change management methodologies (COBIT, ITIL, ITSM, & PMI)

Professional Development

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Principle Centered Leadership – Covey Leadership Center.
  • Situational Leadership II
  • Building High Performing Teams – Blanchard Training & Development.
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Training

Professional Memberships

University of Toledo Alumni Association
July 2013 – July 2015

Audio Engineering Society (AES)

Blackboard Mobile Strategies Committee
January 2009 – August 2012

Boston Chapter of the Society for Information Management (SIM)
April 2009 – Present