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Experience | Mark A. Staples

Work Experience

College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA

Vice President of Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

Reporting the President and a member of the President’s Advisory Council (Cabinet).
Responsible for strategic planning, implementation, and support of all technologies throughout the institution.

Northeastern University, Boston MA

Director, Academic Technology Services

(December 2008-August 2012)

Major Responsibilities

  • The principal IS partner with the academic community.
  • Work with Northeastern’s research centers and research intensive faculty to ensure that their IT needs are met:
    • including core services such as networking and software delivery
    • specialized services such as high performance computing and storage
    • and individual services such as hosting and database administration assistance.
  • Provide project management support for all research and instructional technologies to colleges, programs, labs, and faculty.

Leadership role includes:

  • Responsible for assuring the information technology dependencies within the Northeastern Academic Initiative are met.
  • With academic, administrative, and IT leaders within the academic units, develop a blended academic IT service catalog.
  • Oversee the software licensing, budget, and management function for the university as a whole.
  • Expand on services of anytime/anywhere computing services for students & faculty.
  • With the Vice President and other members of the senior IS Leadership Team, establishing a university-wide IS Community Advisory Committee and the Northeastern IS Strategic planning

Instructional/Learning role includes:

  • Work with academic units involved in teaching and learning initiatives
  • Develop institutional wide solutions for delivery of online education, e-portfolios, assessment, and experiential learning.
  • Expand the use of the learning management system.
  • Initiate tools that expand the electronic delivery of instructional content.
  • Unify the diverse instructional technology community

Research role includes:

  • Expand IS research enablement capabilities, service offerings, and staff
  • Develop and implement, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost and others, an IS research support free/fee costing model.
  • Engagement in national and worldwide Cyber-infrasIructure and other high performance/grid computing projects and with governmental agencies
  • Work closely with the university’s sponsored grants department toward greater information technology infrastructure efficiency and administrative support.

Adjunct Faculty – Teaching Management of Information Systems in the College of Business Administration

Georgia Health Sciences University, Augusta GA

Reason for Leaving: Recruited by Northeastern University

Director of Research & Instructional Technology Support – Administrative Faculty Position

(August 2007-November 2008)


  • Provide oversight of the university’s selection and implementation of research & instructional technologies used by faculty, research community, and students.
  • Responsible for all technology purchases and contract review and negotiation.

Instruction Technology Support

  • Provide strategic leadership identifying and supporting the progressive uses of technology, interactive tools and classroom upgrades that can increase faculty instructional effectiveness and efficiency as well as assist in the educational assessment processes;
  • Develop partnerships with faculty, serving as consultant and colleague on special projects and programs;
  • Provide leadership in the effort to identify classroom facility support including upgrades, renovations, and construction;
  • Provide oversight and lead faculty support for course development using innovative tools and progressive techniques;
  • Provide leadership in the the coordination, design and implementation of Faculty Development workshops and programs related to use of educational technology; promote and facilitate the creation, sharing, and cross-departmental use of reusable learning objects to advance the instructional delivery of our academic programs;
  • Supervise the planning and development of instructional materials and program content with faculty, including computerized programs and web-based courses for use in health care education;

Research Technology Support

  • Developed IT component for research grants involving IT resources
  • Responsible for policy development related to technology support & services
  • Provided leadership for and directed/managed the technical and support needs for Research Computing including:
    • provided leadership for the communication between the research community and interested commercial product and service providers, Board of Regents, SURA, SLR/NLR liaisons and others in order to leverage available cost reductions based on architecture and infrastructure standards and best practices
    • Identified data storage/backup service levels for research.
    • Determines bandwidth and network requirements (e.g., SLR/NLR);
    • Coordinated security infrastructure deployments with ITSS security personnel
    • Coordinated with ITSS contracts and licensing regarding contract negotiations for hardware and software in concert with campus architecture and infrastructure standards.
  • Coordinate IT research and development for ITSS including:
    • Worked with CIO/ITSS personnel to determine the technologies that need to be researched and the objectives that the research is expected to accomplish
    • Identified appropriate teams to conduct research and perform due diligence regarding new technologies
    • Assisted teams in the development of action plans to carry out research
    • Monitored progress of teams’ activities to ensure that milestones are being met
    • Reviewed teams’ deliverables to ensure that they are meeting their objectives
    • For those technologies that are deemed to be viable for the University, assisted in creating a plan for developing and incorporating them into IT infrastructure.

Chief Information Security Officer/Director of Information Security

(November, 2003-January 2008)


  • Monitor regulations and laws applicable to an academic medical center and lead implementations of appropriate measures to ensure compliance.
  • Function as the primary liaison with the Office of Legal Affairs and the security management team of the MCG Health, Inc. on security related matters.
  • Responsible for security and incident response
  • Responsible for Security Awareness
  • Perform system audits across the enterprise.
  • Conduct security architectural reviews for technology projects.
  • Responsible for system security planning, developing, and implementing security policies across multiple platforms.
  • Responsible for define security frameworks for existing and new systems.
  • Responsible for provide technical support and consultation for enhancement of and change to network security configuration
  • Assist in establish internal controls to ensure consistent operations

Medical University of Ohio (now University of Toledo Health Sciences), Toledo OH

NOTE: After leaving, the university changed its name to Medical University of Ohio. Soon afterward, it became part of the University of Toledo – now called University of Toledo Health Sciences

Reason for Leaving: Recruited by the Medical College of Georgia

Director, Computer & Network Services (1999-2003)

This position was created to facilitate a single title when Network Services was added to my existing responsibilities.

Network Services

  • 24×7 Operation
  • Network
    • Firewall
    • VPN
    • Infrastructure
    • Monitoring/Management
    • Wireless
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Security
  • Server Administration
    • Microsoft (Server, Active Directory, SQL)
    • Novell (NDS, NetWare File and Print Services, Z.E.N.)
    • Email (GroupWise and Exchange)
    • Unix (HP/UX, Linux, RS 6000)
    • Citrix
    • Web Development

Client Services

  • Phone Technicians
  • Workstation Technicians (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
  • Departmental Consulting Services
  • Hardware Repair (Computer, FAX, Printer, Embosser)
  • End User Training


  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Operations
  • Enterprise Backups
  • Account Administration
  • Remedy Development
  • Desktop Application Development/Maintenance
  • Microsoft Operating System Development
  • Asset Management
    • Technology Refresh
    • Departmental/Individual Moves
    • Macintosh Support
    • Software Licensing

Network Specialist (1998-1999)

University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio

Network Administrator, Interim Assistant Director of Network Services/Network Administrator (1997-1998)

Served as interim director to create more cohesive, productive IT group. Devised strategies for training improvements and streamlining customer support.

  • Identified and developed new network infrastructure of 15K IT devices serving 8K faculty/staff and 20K students.

Indiana University, Bloomington IN

Reason for Leaving: moved to Toledo, Ohio for family reasons

Various Titles
(1987 – 1996)

  • Network Administrator
  • Project Specialist
  • Macintosh Specialist
  • Technical Specialist
  • Help Desk Specialist

Life Experiences

Music Engineer & Producer – 2001-Current

Owner, Recording Studio – 2001-Current

Producer, Weekly Syndicated Television Program – 1992-2001

Weekly Radio Personality – 1991-1999

Newspaper Graphic Designer – 1990’s

Corporate Graphic Designer – 1992-1994

Owner, Video Production Company – 1996-2001

Concert Promoter – 1995-2001

Music Festival Producer/Marketing/Promoter – 1992-2001

Sports Official (1988-1996)

  • Football (High School)
  • Basketball (High School)
  • Volleyball (High School / College)
  • Baseball (High School / College)
  • Baseball Umpire-in-Chief southern Indiana (1992-1996)