Professional teachers or professionals who teach?

Are faculty professional teachers or professionals who teach?  Are they technologists or are they consumers of technology?  These are important questions because the answers should help us establish appropriate expectations and drive the kind of support an institution should provide.

Below are some follow-up questions that every provost and CIO should be asking.  The answers will vary by institutional culture and available budget & resources.  There are no right or wrong answers

  1. What kind of instructional design support should the institution provide an instructor for hybrid course delivery?
  2. What kind of technology training should the institution be requiring our faculty to attend?
  3. How should IT organize and deliver technology training?
  4. What kind of incentives can the institution provide faculty to learn new methods for course delivery?
  5. What instructor tools are available and how are they integrated into the learning management system?

Faculty are talented people, but expecting them to be subject matter experts in their field, be technology experts, and to have experience in instructional design may be challenging – impacting their quality of life.

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