Podcasting is a method of distributing and subscribing to multimedia files (such as audio programs or videos) over the Internet for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. “Podcast” can refer to both the content and the method of delivery.

Think of podcasting like subscribing to a magazine. When new content is available a new magazine is automatically delivered to your mailbox – difference is that many podcasts are free and the delivery method is the Internet.

The host or author of a podcast is often called a podcaster. While podcasters’ web sites may also offer direct download or streaming of files, a unique feature of podcasts is that they can be downloaded automatically using software capable of subscribing (RSS or Atom feeds). The term podcasting comes from “iPod” and “broadcasting.”


  • On demand, subscription delivery – whenever content is updated, the subscriber automatically receives it
  • Listen/view as you go – content can be consumed while commuting, at the gym, walking, etc
  • Simple to record-once the podcaster is trained and has access to the appropriate toolsets, podcasting is a simple and effective way to communicate a message.
  • Works with the popular iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.


  • Podcasts are completely downloaded to the personal computer.  Each file takes up storage on the hard drive. The files are usually not large, those who subscribe to a lot of podcasts will find their hard drive fill up if they don’t manage their content well.
  • There is no way to secure the file after it is downloaded.

Disseminate Key Information

  • Compliance Presentations
  • Newsletters (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Updated Course Notes and Information (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
  • Electronic News
  • Marketing with Multimedia
  • Proactive delivery
  • Course Content Dissemination Tool
  • Classroom Recording
  • Study Support Tool
  • Course Content Dissemination Tool
  • Classroom Recording
  • Study Support Tool
  • Research findings
  • Research initiatives

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